Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Beam over other established competitors?

We’re all GDPR compliant Google Analytics alternatives. We all have the basic web analytics and most have the ability to create custom events. What makes Beam different are two things:

funnel analysis - our funnels are the easiest to create and interpret pricing - for all users, we’re easily the more affordable and the pricing is fully transparent.

How do I get started with Beam?

Once you create your account, your onboarding page will give you a unique code snippet. Install that on your site, and then click ‘verify’ on your onboarding page. We’ll check things are all working perfectly, and let you know things are good to go.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. For more details about how we are GDPR compliant, see this blog post - https://beamanalytics.io/blog/google_illegal_gdpr_beam

See here for more details about our data policy - https://beamanalytics.io/data

Where is the company registered?

The company is registered in the United Kingdom.

Who built Beam?

@TheBuilderJR and @lenglee

Why did you build Beam?

Glad you asked! We explain here - https://beamanalytics.io/blog/why-we-started-beam

Can I add more domains to my account?

Yes. You can use the same code snippet for multiple domains. And if you want to easily see data for each domain separately, just create a saved view and access it from your homepage.

Can I add teammates?

Yes. Easily add teammates so they can access the same data and saved views you have.

Can I create custom events?

Yes. Just use the same unique code snippet at the right part of your code. For more details on how to do this, see this blog post - https://beamanalytics.io/blog/custom-events-on-beam

Can I save funnels, web analytics with filters or other custom views?

Yes. Each time you create a view you like, just click the save button at the top right part of the page. You give it a name and description, and you can get access to it from your homepage. For more, see this blog post - https://beamanalytics.io/blog/beams-new-product-homepage

How is Beam so much more affordable than Plausible, Fathom, Simple and all the other alternatives?

It’s hard to answer this question because we obviously don’t know what goes into the production costs for other providers. We looked at our costs and tried to figure out the lowest amount we could charge that would cover our costs and give us a little bit. So maybe it’s just that our profit margins are just lower.

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