Beam Analytics: Affordable, privacy-preserving Google Analytics alternative

Today we’re launching Beam Analytics. This tool gives you all the key web analytics you need with the GDPR compliance you want. And you get funnel analysis and custom events with it. We wanted to share the story behind why we built this product.

We really admire the work of companies like Plausible and Fathom. They’ve shown the way in explaining why it’s important to have GDPR compliant Google Analytics (GA) alternatives, eloquently arguing that using the ‘free’ Google product comes at the cost of user privacy. And like Beam, their GDPR compliant products have focused on being way easier to use than GA.

So why build Beam Analytics?

When talking to folks who wanted a GDPR compliant GA alternative, two things really stood out.

  • Cost: A lot of the GDPR compliant web analytics companies are pricey. We get there are real trade-offs in figuring out the right pricing model. But we think the best way to promote GDPR compliace is to be affordable. We’ve worked hard to ensure there is no more affordable alternative on the market. Check out this price comparison table on our homepage.

We want to make it affordable to be GDPR compliant. With our low prices, more companies can switch from GA and get a strong set of privacy features - no cookies, no PII collected, right to change or delete your personal data. Here is our full privacy policy.

  • Product Analytics: With only 1 short line of JavaScript into your code, you get the standard set of web analytics, but one other very useful features - an easier way create many conversion funnels. And you will be able to get both without having to extra work sending us custom event data.

Conversion Funnels

The other tool to our analytics feature set is the conversion funnel builder. With this tool, you can quickly specify the web pages that form key user paths that you want to track. In the tool, the default conversion funnel we’ve set up for all Beam users is the sign on process. So the funnel tracks the conversion from the landing page → sign up page → confirmation screen. But there might be other user paths that really matter for your business. You define the pages in the sequence you care about, and we’ll show you how the relevant conversion funnel.

Beam is excited to provide useful, privacy preserving analytics. Our goal is that the product is not only privacy focused and easy to use, but that it can materially help your business take actions to improve. Get in touch if you have any questions hi@beamanalytics.io or sign up now at www.beamanalytics.io.

** Update **

About two weeks after our launch, we shared our story with 'Starter Story'. This story gives a bit more detail about our early journey with its ups and downs. Check out Beam's Starter Story here.

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