Proxying Beam Analytics through Cloudflare

You can use Cloudflare Workers to proxy your Beam Analytics requests. Set up a Cloudflare account and get up to 100,000 requests per day with Cloudflare Workers. Here’s how to create a proxy.

Step 1: Create a worker

To start configuring your proxy, in your Cloudflare account:

  • Click on the 'Workers' section in the sidebar
  • Click on the 'Create a Service' button

Step 2: Quick edit the worker

Click on the 'Quick edit' where you can edit the code for your worker:

The following screen will appear:

Remove the default code that Cloudflare presents on the left side of the screen and paste the code that we present below instead.

const ScriptName = '/js/script.js';
const Endpoint = '/api/log';

const ScriptWithoutExtension = ScriptName.replace('.js', '')

addEventListener('fetch', event => {

async function handleRequest(event) {
  const pathname = new URL(event.request.url).pathname
  const [baseUri, ...extensions] = pathname.split('.')

  if (baseUri.endsWith(ScriptWithoutExtension)) {
      return getScript(event, extensions)
  } else if (pathname.endsWith(Endpoint)) {
      return postData(event)
  return new Response(null, { status: 404 })

async function getScript(event, extensions) {
    let response = await caches.default.match(event.request);
    if (!response) {
        response = await fetch("https://beamanalytics.b-cdn.net/beam.min.js");
        event.waitUntil(caches.default.put(event.request, response.clone()));
    return response;

async function postData(event) {
    const request = new Request(event.request);
    return await fetch("https://api.beamanalytics.io/api/log", request);


We recommend you change the folder name in the first two lines in the code above. This makes your proxy more difficult to discover and block.

  • In the ScriptName line, change the /js/. The location in the code will now be /folder-name/script.js.
  • In the Endpoint line, change the /api/. It doesn’t have to be the same as what you used for the ScriptName. After you make the change, the location will now be /folder-name/log.

Step 3: Test the script

Your Beam script should be accessible at the following URL:


where the things you need to change are:

  • worker-name
  • cloudflare-username
  • folder-name

You should see some JavaScript code when you load this URL. This URL is the proxied snippet that you’ll use in step 4.

Step 4: Integrate a new snippet into your site header

You can now use the proxied snippet from step 3 to replace the Beam Analytics script in the of your site.

The new snippet should look like


where the things you need to change are:

  • your-token
  • domain.com
  • worker-name
  • cloudflare-username
  • folder-name

You’re done! You're now counting your website stats using a proxy.

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