Conversion Funnels with Beam Analytics

You likely know what conversion funnels are. They’re just a simple way to see how many users continue along the series of pages you ideally want them to. You want to see what % of users move from one page to the next.

You can create custom conversion funnels in Google Analytics (GA). But if you look at the GDPR compliant alternatives to GA, this is perhaps one feature that is not the strongest. At Beam, we’re hopeful that you like our conversion funnel builder and viewer.

Below you can see what the conversion funnel builder looks like. You just chose the relevant page url you want at each step. In the example, I’m using the conversion funnel builder on Beam’s product.

  • The starting point is the homepage
  • We want to see what % go to the register
  • We then want what % get to the dashboard (which represents successful account creation)

So this gives us our sign up conversion.

Below is what the conversion funnel view looks like. The goal of any data visual is to make interpretation easy. We’re hopeful that this hits the mark.

There are no limits on how many conversion funnels you can build with your paid account. Get in touch if you have any questions at hi@beamanalytics.io or sign up now at www.beamanalytics.io.

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