How Beam can help Web Agencies

If you run a Web Agency, you likely manage the websites, and the analytics for those websites, for many customers. Perhaps you’ve been using Universal Analytics but are now looking for an alternative with GA4 coming in July.

Below, we show how you can make use of Beam’s teams feature to give your clients GDPR-compliant web analytics for free (if their page views are under 100k a month!).

How to manage ‘n’ number of client websites from one dashboard

Let’s say you have 3 clients. Their websites are:

  • Apple.com
  • Bear.com
  • Cow.com

Your run WebAgency.com. Below are the 4 steps you can take to manage all their websites from one dashboard.

  1. Create a Beam account for yourself - eg. contact@webagency.com

  2. For each of your clients, create a Beam account. So you might use the following email addresses to create a Beam account for your three clients:

  1. Log into each client’s Beam account and invite contact@webagency.com to the client's team in Beam.

  2. Log into contact@webagency.com. In the top right hand corner, click on your account icon. There, you should see every website that you are now a team member for. In the screenshot below, I am a part of two teams.

So for Web Agency, they should be part of their three client’s teams.

What is the benefit of doing this?

There are benefits for both you and your clients.

  • For your clients - they don’t have to pay anything for you to use Beam to track their website until their site logs more than 100k page views a month. They get privacy preserving, GDPR compliant web analytics.

  • For you - you can manage all your customer’s website analytics from one account. They don’t see each other’s data but you can easily toggle between each of their site’s analytics. And you can wow your clients but giving them insights based on the funnel analysis tool that you can’t with any other GA4 alternative.


We know there are lots of Web Agencies out there who manage many clients. We’re just getting started in building the tools that we know Web Agencies want. Get in touch if there are features that you really want because we’d love to learn more. Email us at hi@beamanalytics.io.

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